Friday, June 15, 2018

Chinese Silver Shou Lao Hat Amulets

Pictures below are the antique silver hat amulets. These amulets were sewn to hats, worn to bestow good luck for the owner.

Representing a Chinese deity known as Shou Lao or God of Longevity. Shou Lao is one of the three Taoist Gods of Fu (Good fortune), Lu (Prosperity) and Shou (Longevity).

Shou Lao is the Taoist God of Longevity who usually has a very prominent forehead, carrying a gourd of elixir or a peach which signifies longevity. Some figures appear with riding a deer which is also a common feature of Shou Lao. He was originally a mortal but became the head of the celestial department which determines a person's lifespan. He lives in a star known as "Shou Xing", Canopus in Western constellation and said to visit the earth once a year. Shou Xing can only, rarely, be seen in the very low sky in the Northern hemisphere. For this reason, Chinese believed that seeing the Shou Xing will bring long life and good luck.

The amulets are either hollow, cone-shaped or flat, with holes drilled into the sides and base so that they could be stitched onto garments.

Picture 1

Picture 2

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